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We are at your service. We publish religious books at minimal cost. We publish works in English, Zulu, Xhosa, Swati, Shona and Ndebele.

Write about your church, church leaders, history of your ministry, your sermons and etc. We also publish thesis/dissertations for diploma, honours, masters and PhD work.

We also assist budding authors with writing skills and development of manuscripts at a minimal cost

TACC Hymn Book

TACC hmyn book is an anthology of songs from the Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ. The TACC is christocentric church that embraces the concept of one God one, one church,  one human race. The human race has a variety of skin pigmentation and language. This hymn book is international and multi lingual, it is also a liturgical tool for the church.

It  is commisioned by the of TACC, Chief Apostle Prof. Caeser Nongqunga.

 African Legends of Methodism

African Legends of Methodism is a tribute to leaders who attributed their success to their contact with Methodism. These Methodists were politicians, artists, academics, prophets, theologians, pioneers and humble Christians who inspired by Methodism pushed the boundaries of colonialism, apartheid, patriarchy, homophobia, capitalism and ethnicity.  

Dr Nozihlwele Monica "Nozuko" Nongqunga

This book is about the functional of the Mother Chief Apostle Dr N.M.N Nongqunga. The name Nozihlwele means mother of the nation and indeed she was mother of the nations through her diaconal ministry in the family,in the Twelve Apostles' Church in Christ and the African Transformation Movement.

The book documents some extracts from the experiential of Dr Nozihlwele that continue to be valuable lessons for the l=church and society.

 Ngathatha Isinqumo

Thelela: Running with my parents shadows

Thelela’s memoir is an epiphany that depicts how she traversed life’s challenges and leadership avalanches. While honouring and paying tribute to her parents and family, she wanted to honour African leadership in shaping families and societies in general. Reflection of African belief systems that shape its leadership in terms of how our ontological and epistemic foundations are constructed and solidified is critical in a presentation of this

Unpacking the hidden,yet visible eternal truth. 

This book “Eternal Truths: Unpacking the hidden yet visible” is a book of revelation and putting into perspective some of the most misunderstood topics in the bible. The book exposes clear perspectives on hidden yet visible truths about a number of themes in the Bible such as Luck, the jealous God and the Holy Spirit. The book seeks to change the perspective of those in the body of Christ, Christians worldwide on key themes in the Bible. The purpose of the book is to expose and discuss central themes for believers in Christ from a Christian apostolic standpoint. The book gives readers explanations and examples on specific texts from the Bible to demonstrate that the hidden is actual visible, it depends on how one reads the given texts.

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